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Even though the holidays are a time for shopping, you can still give sustainably with these eco friendly gift ideas. Each gift on this list is environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about what you give your loved ones. After all, doing something to protect and save our planet is a life-changing gift within itself!

7 Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

1. Active Wear

Caring for your body and caring for the earth can now be accomplished at the same time! Our friends at LIVELY have created a fantastic collection of eco-friendly, sustainable active wear. This limited-edition series is made of 75% recycled polyester and features attractive and comfortable fits. For example, this $65 Active Legging comes in 3 gorgeous, unique, and versatile colors. They’re soft and true-to-size in addition to being eco-friendly. Pair them with the matching comfortable and stylish $45 Active Racerback Bra. Or, if you want a piece with adjustable straps, soft and stretchy material, and a comfortable fit, try the Skinny-Strap Seamless Bralette.

2. Living Composter

Living Composter - eco friendly gift ideas
Living Composter –

One small step you can make to save the environment is to start composting. But most compost bins are ugly, not to mention smelly as well! However, this modern living composter is a game changer. It’s stylish and odorless, so it’ll flawlessly blend in with your kitchen decor. And it can process over two pounds of food scraps a week! After then, you’ll have usable compost that you can repurpose as soil for your plants.

3. Plastic-Free Shower Essentials

Plastic Free Travel Shower Essentials - eco friendly gift ideas
Plastic Free Travel Shower Essentials –

Not sure what to get that jet-setting friend who’s always traveling the world? These plastic-free shower toiletries are guaranteed to be eco friendly Christmas gifts they can use! It comes with single-use casings filled with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. To use, just take a pod into the shower, and the casing will dissolve with water! And we’re not talking about just any old shampoo and body wash! They’re made with marine algae, shea butter, and aloe to leave your hair and skin young, healthy, and vibrant.

4. Reusable Face Wipes

Reusable Face Pads with Wash Bag - eco friendly gift ideas
Reusable Face Pads with Wash Bag –

These reusable face wipes are some of our favorite stocking stuffer eco friendly gift ideas! Instead of washing your face with single-use cotton pads, you can use these 100% cotton pads instead. And to clean them, just toss them in the washing machine! They also come in a variety of patterns and colors, along with a cute drawstring bag for storage and washing.

5. Born This Way 24-Hour Longwear Matte Finish Foundation

Born This Way 24-Hour Longwear Matte Finish Foundation - eco friendly gift ideas
Born This Way 24-Hour Longwear Matte Finish Foundation –

Give the fit of flawless skin with Too Faced’s Born This Way 24-Hour Longwear Matte Finish Foundation. This cult-favorite beauty product blurs away imperfections leaving your skin with a healthy, youthful glow. Best of all, it’s non-comedogenic and vegan. And because it’s oil-free and sweat resistant, it will give you a soft, natural look that feels weightless all day long!

6. Diamond Light Brush

Diamond Light Brush - eco friendly gift ideas
Diamond Light Brush –

Another amazing cruelty-free product from Too Faced is their Diamond Light Brush. It’s eco friendly because it’s made with vegan-friendly Teddy Bear hair bristles. Trust us – they’re super soft on your skin! You can use it with your powder, cream, or any liquid formula – even bronzers and highlighters!

7. Repurposed Sari Shopping Bags

Repurposed Sari Produce Shopping Bags - Set of 3 - eco friendly gift ideas
Repurposed Sari Produce Shopping Bags – Set of 3 –

Disposable plastic bags are bad for the environment, and they cost you extra money too. But these beautiful shopping bags can replace single-use produce bags from the store. Repurposed from colorful Indian saris, these drawstring bags are great for vegetables, fruits, bread, or anything else you’re shopping for.

Looking for other repurposed sari products? Check out these sari tea towels, aprons, and napkins!

Give a Gift to Mother Earth

For the gift that gives back to Mother Nature, consider these eco friendly gift ideas when shopping for Christmas. We know your friends and loved ones will enjoy receiving something that’s unique and good for the planet. And if you want to take your gift to the next level, then consider making something instead! We have fun and easy tutorials to make tons of eco friendly Christmas gifts. Just check out our DIY baby lounger or scented flower candles. And to wrap up the present, you can make your own festive wrapping paper too!