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With more than 4.62 billion people using social media worldwide, it’s no wonder remote social media jobs are in high demand. From TikTok’s popularity to the rise of influencer marketing, there’s no better time for companies to level up their social media game.

Yet, finding the proper social media position can be tricky. With the wide variety of roles, knowing what suits you best requires some trial and error. That’s why in this article, we’ll offer you some guidance to help you launch your remote social media career. For the best results, make sure to use a job board like ZipRecruiter to spot the best remote social media jobs that match your profile. 

5 Best Remote Social Media Jobs

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1. Social Media Marketing Manager

As a social media marketing manager, you’ll be responsible for curating a brand’s online presence through its channels. These channels may vary depending on your clients’ needs. But they usually include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter.

Your job will focus on creating and scheduling content and managing the online community. You might also arrange partnerships with other brands and report the results of your efforts.

This position is for people with creative and analytical thinking capabilities. So, you’ll need a strategic and disciplined work approach to creating shareable content.

In addition, social media managers often use tools that help them schedule their posts and target specific demographics.

Finally, you’ll need excellent verbal and written communication skills and a solid understanding of social media platforms.

2. Social Media Advertiser

A social media advertiser runs campaigns for clients’ social media accounts. Their responsibilities include planning, executing, and reporting on social media campaigns. They should also be able to follow the latest trends to create the best ad experiences for users.

To excel in this position, you need budgeting skills, a knack for data analysis, and a strategic way of structuring campaigns. You should also be able to perform A/B tests to check what performs best. In addition, you’ll need to determine the campaign’s efficiency. According to ZipRecruiter, where you can find remote social media jobs, the average salary for a social media advertiser is $51,685 a year.

3. Copywriter

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Social media copywriters write appealing copy for ads, social media posts, and marketing materials. By doing this, they generate leads and turn people into paying customers. As such, they must have excellent communication, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills. And since their role is to sell products or services, they need to be true masters of words.

Besides, social media, brands usually use copywriters for print ads, radio or podcast ads, website copy, or in-store signs. A college degree is always a plus, and some employers may want marketing-related degrees.

4. Pinterest Manager

Next on our list of remote social media jobs is the Pinterest manager. These professionals have advanced knowledge of Pinterest and content production. They’re tasked with creating infographics and pins and engaging with other accounts. Additionally, they manage brands’ online communities and arrange sponsorships to meet goals.

Compared with other professionals, Pinterest managers have extensive knowledge of the platform. They are responsible for managing blog posts, performing keyword research, and creating graphics. So, if you have an obsession with pinning wedding inspiration or crazy recipes, perhaps you can turn your hobby into a profession. 

5. Influencer Marketing Manager

The recent rise of influencers has increased the need for influencer marketing managers. Businesses are now hiring specialized professionals to help them find the right influencers. Then, they build relationships with these people so they can sell their products.

These managers focus on strategically placing the right message in front of the influencers’ audience, achieving maximum exposure.

To become an influencer marketing manager, you’ll need excellent communication skills. This helps ensure clear and concise feedback is sent back and forth. Of course, you must also have exceptional knowledge of social media and possess fantastic multitasking skills. 

Find Social Media Jobs Hiring Near Me!

Social media marketing careers from home have grown unbelievably fast in the last few years. As a result, brands are now seeking help from specialized professionals to create meaningful connections with their audiences. So, it’s now your turn to jump on the wagon and kick off your social media marketing career.

Make sure to use a job search site like ZipRecruiter to access thousands of remote social media jobs in every industry. This is your chance to benefit from AI matching technology and find employers looking for a professional like you to fill their remote social media jobs!