Amid the COVID-19 breakout, an increasing amount of territories and pockets of the world are finding themselves needing to hide away in order to avoid any risk and exposure. Unfortunately, we all still need supplies during this trying time, and going out may not be the best option for all. Luckily, there are numerous options for gathering food and supplies in the modern age of online stores. Because there is no known timeline as to when the Coronavirus disease will come to pass. It’s best to be prepared with all necessities. These programs and grocery services all offer home shipping and delivery. Keeping you away from the crowded stores. So, let’s get onto the best grocery stores that deliver to your home!

Just before we fully get into it, Omaha Steaks and Mr. Steak are great places to look if you’re in search of a great place to get your meat. They have a huge meat selection too choose from and can ship it right to your door!

14 Food Programs and Grocery Stores That Deliver to Your Home

1. Bakerly – Breakfast and more

Lets just say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I mean who doesn’t love bake goods or pancakes? Bakerly provides tasty pancakes and baked goods that can be shipped right to your door. They even have tasty Crapes, common, there is no way anyone can resist crepes for breakfast!

2. Instacart – Same Day Delivery

“Groceries in as fast as 1 hour”. Instacart is known for their fast service, as well as their wide selection of consumer’s favorite grocery stores. Using Instacart will more than likely give you access to your favorite and trusted local grocery store. With 1000’s of products offered on their site, Instacart is a great spot to grab all your food and household necessities. You also have access to fresh produce, which separates Instacart from many delivery services. For your weeknight dinner needs, and general grocery items, you’ll want to check out Instacart. It is one of the best online stores that deliver to your home.


3. GrubHub – Treat Yourself

GrubHub is one of the many most known food delivery apps out on the market. You can order food right on their website or app and get it delivered right to your door. GrubHub has a variety of local restaurants you can choose from, plus they have perks for ordering with them, they offer deals and restaurant rewards that can save you up to $100. Order with them today and support local businesses.

4. DoorDash – Your favorite restaurants, delivered

Staying in for the day, perhaps too busy to cook or looking for something different. DoorDash is your answer. They even offer a $0 delivery fee for first time customers. You can order straight from your phone or computer and have your fresh food delivered right to your door. Give their site a look and order yourself some tasty lunch. Oh and best part, you can avoid all crowds!

Need some extra money? Looking to become a DoorDash driver, sign up here today!

5. Postmates – Anything, anytime, anywhere.

Postmates offers a variety of food options in most metropolitan areas of the United States. From fast food, to your favorite local diner, to even your grocery store from the down the street. Postmates is as simple as setting your location, finding the food you’re craving, and sending in the order. If you’re looking to really avoid contact with other humans, and want to even limit interaction from fast food joints. You’ll want to check out what Postmates has to offer in your area.

6. Gobble – Meals in 15 minutes

Gobble is a great service where you choose your meals every week. It’s a simple food delivery method. They prepare the ingredients for your meal materials and ship it right to your door! The best thing is that all the meals can be made in 15 minutes. If you’re a busy parent and cooking for 40 minutes is just not do-able, Gobble is your answer!

7. Wild Alaskan – Wild-Caught Sustainable Seafood

Wild Alaskan Company strives on providing fresh, small batch sourced seafood to all of its members. Becoming a member of Wild Alaskan Company, you can enjoy a monthly delivery of bulk seafood products for a fraction of the price. Especially with the uncertainty of COVID-19, families are being advised to have a suitable amount of food and supplies packed away. Becoming a member of Wild Alaskan is a great option for fish lovers who are looking to store away food for the foreseeable future. Use PROMO CODE: TRENDY15 at checkout for 15% OFF!

8. Crowd Cow – Meat Heaven

I guess you can same meat is a hot commodity now a days. Crowd Cow has every meat you can imagine. They not only do they have everything, they are also known for their high quality meats! Crowd Cow is a subscription based box that allows you to choose a Custom Box, Steak Lovers Box and Japanese Wagyu Box. Yes we said it, they even have Wagyu! You can also have it shipped right to your door, in fact they have free shipping.

9. Wal-Mart – Save Time and Money

Different from some of the other options on this list, Wal-Mart offers curb-side grocery pickup, rather than delivery to your door. While it may not keep you in the house, it is at least an option that keeps you away from larger crowds. Wal-Mart also offers express checkout, which gets you your order ready as soon as 1 hour. That way you can be quick to stock up on necessary items like dog food and more.

10. Thrive Market – Healthy Living Made Easy

Thrive Market is a great online grocery store that proudly offers over 6,000 organic and non-GMO products, and at a discounted rate of up to 50% off. All delivered to your home. Thrive Market allows you to shop by your diet and food values as well. So, any member that needs to stick to their paleo or ketogenic diet during this period can easily do so through Thrive Market’s easy to use online store. They also offer beauty and bath products, supplements, and non-toxic home cleaning supplies. Thrive Market is the right choice for anyone who is conscious about the products they use, and want to stick to clean-sourced products and/or a specific diet or food restriction.

On a side note if you are looking for food delivery that is more tailored to your diet, check out Hungryroot. Hungryroot will stock your fridge with groceries weekly based on your food profile! Weather you’re a picky eater or have dietary restrictions, Hungryroot can help you with anything!

11. Butcher Box – Meat Delivery Subscription

Butcher Box works similar to other meat subscription services we have mentioned. However, instead of offering a variety of different meats at a discounted price. Customers either pick a curated box, or customize their own with high quality beef, chicken and pork. Meat in the boxes are kept frozen in an insulated box, and is delivered straight to your door, free of charge. You also have the option to set how often you want to receive your shipments, whether it’s once a month or once every two weeks. If you and your family eat a lot of meat during the week, this is a great option for you to store up meat during the outbreak. This will assure you will have high quality meat for your meals-thanks to Butcher Box!

12. Amazon – Work Hard. Have Fun.

Well known to most, Amazon offers loads of necessary items, such as foods, household products and cleaning items. Amazon, unlike some competitors, offers same day delivery for groceries and essential items. Therefore, you can get your groceries quickly while avoiding the crowds. If you still need necessity items like toilet paper, paper towels, bottled water or even just chips. Amazon will more than likely have all that you are looking for and it gets delivered right to you.

If you need groceries and perishables as well, you’ll want to sign up for Amazon Prime to access Amazon Fresh. Fresh offers a full grocery shopping experience on the Amazon platform. You can add all your groceries to your cart, select a drop off time and have your order delivered straight to your door. This is a wonderful all around service for anyone needing to shop from their home.

13. Home Depot – Make Your Project Easier

While you’re unlikely to find many food and grocery options at The Home Depot, you will be able to find necessities for keeping your clean. While staying put in your home will certainly help reduce your chances of getting in contact with any COVID-19 carriers, you will still need to keep a sanitary home and surrounding. Stocking up on cleaning supplies like bleach, dish soap, cleaning wipes and hand soaps will help keep up a healthy and clean household for you and your family. If you need to stock up on these items listed, you’ll want to check out Home Depot’s online store.

14. Craft Beer Club

Craft Beer Club is a great place to get beers shipped to your house! Their subscription program features delicious beers from all over the country. Perfect for a beer connoisseur.

While it may be dangerous to be out in large crowds during this virus outbreak, that shouldn’t stop you from being able to get your groceries. Luckily, with these grocery stores that deliver to your home. You’ll have a host of places and sites you can visit in order to prepare and grab everything you may need.

So, stay healthy, be vigilant, wash your hands and stay safe! Wipe down and clean your household as often as possible. Keep away from large crowds unless absolutely necessary. Being proactive will help you and your family stay healthy during this time.

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