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Fall Door Decorations for Autumn 2022

Autumn Wreath on Doors - Fall Door Decorations

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When it’s time to start decorating your home for the fall, don’t forget about the fall door decorations! There are so many creative ways to give your home autumn curb appeal. And don’t just stop at the front door! You can also decorate your windows, door frames, patios, or decks with colorful fall designs.

To help you get into the autumn spirit, we’ve put together a list of our favorite fall door decoration ideas. A few pinecones here and a few pumpkins there, and your front door will be the talk of the neighborhood!

The Coziest Fall Door Decorations for 2022

1. Dried Fall Foliage

Faux Rusted Beech Leaf Stem - fall door decorations
Faux Rusted Beech Leaf Stem –

A bit of dried foliage is guaranteed to turn your house into a festive wonderland. So, start filling up your planters and vases with delicate branches or dried stems collected from the outdoors. These will help your porch and fall door decorations pop!

If you can’t find any for your fall door decor, you can always buy some Beech leaves or Ruscus bundles. They keep forever and can even be used around the house during the rest of the year too. Then, you can place the vases on entry tables or near your door mat to greet your guests.

2. Pumpkin Décor

3-piece fall harvest stacked pumpkin - fall door decorations
3-Piece Fall Harvest Stacked Pumpkin –


Adding a couple of pumpkins to your porch is a simple yet effective way to decorate for fall and accentuate your fall door decorations. You can easily buy them at the store or pumpkin patch. Feel free to carve them for Halloween or leave them intact for a more natural look. Or, you can invest in decorative pumpkins that will last for years to come. If you’re looking to switch your fall door decor up, you can toss in a few gourds or other types of squashes too!

3. Front Door Mat

Nature's Bounty Coir & Vinyl Door Mat - fall door decorations
Nature’s Bounty Coir & Vinyl Door Mat –

Treat your guests to fall festivities before they even step foot inside your home! A fall-themed front door mat adds a bit of life to your patio or garden. We love this simple pumpkin welcome mat or this colorful plaid outdoor rug. You can also find holiday-specific ones, like this Halloween or Thanksgiving door mat.

4. Rustic Wreaths

Sunflower and Berry Fall Harvest Wreath - fall door decorations
Sunflower and Berry Fall Harvest Wreath –

Wreaths are usually hung around the holidays, but who says you can’t hang up an autumn-themed wreath for your fall door decorations? There are some gorgeous rustic wreaths that look great for any front door. You can choose sunflowers and berries, dried leaves and pine cones, or maple leaves and twinkly lights!

5. Butterfly Biome

Butterfly Biome - fall door decorations
Butterfly Biome –

Fall is the peak time for butterflies, and you’ll see these beautiful creatures fluttering around your home starting in September. We recommend placing a butterfly biome outside your front door to see them up close. This creates a safe place for them to feed or hibernate (yes, some butterflies hibernate!).

It also will draw neighbors’ attention to your fall door decorations.

Don’t have butterflies in your area? Then a simple cedar birdhouse can also be used for your feathered friends!

6. Welcome Sign

Hello Fall Door Hanger - fall door decorations
Hello Fall Door Hanger –

Looking for an alternative to a front door wreath? Why not consider a welcome sign? These fall door decorations can be hung up to greet any guest or passerby that walks past your street. We also think they look super cute hung over the mailbox! Plus, you can find them in all types of styles. Modern, rustic, or vintage – pick a design that matches your décor and hang it on your door!

7. Window Garland

Glitzhome Fall Wreaths & Garland - fall door decorations
Glitzhome Fall Wreaths & Garland –

Your front door isn’t the only thing you can decorate outside your home. The windows could also use a little autumn love as well! We recommend hanging some garland around the windows. You can choose something more playful, like this gnome and pumpkin strand of lights!

Go Beyond Great Fall Door Decorations

Talking about fall door decorations is getting us super excited for the upcoming season. There is so much to look forward to in fall – and we aren’t only talking about fall door decorations! We have some great fall-themed games for the little ones and delicious boozy fall drinks for the adults. And if you’re looking for activities to do with people of all ages, we have you covered, too! Just check out our list of the best 14 fall activities that the whole family can enjoy

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