Idle Sleep Mattress Review

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If you are on the hunt for a new mattress especially during the Holiday season when your family and friends fill your guest rooms, then you have come to the right place. We are sure you know of the exact qualities you are looking for in a mattress that well help you sleep comfy and cozy come the winter months, so we are here to help tell you just a bit about what the Idle Sleep Mattress can do for you, as we have tried it first hand with our Idle Sleep Mattress Review and you will be shocked if you haven’t heard of them before!

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Idle Sleep Mattress Review:

If you have yet to hear about the mattresses Idle Sleep features, then you are in for a treat! Idle Sleep offers 5 different mattresses:

Idle Sleep Mattress Review 3

  1. The Idle: An affordable gel memory foam mattress with medium firmness and 12″ inches of goodness!
  2. Idle Gel Plush: Similar to the The Idle, but a bit more luxurious with 14″ inches in thickness!
  3. Hybrid: Their best seller made up of 1000 coils and 2″ inches of buoyancy foam, 14″ inches thick.
  4. Latex Hybrid – Dunlop: Their most popular Latex mattress with similar qualities to the Hybrid.
  5. Latex Hybrid – Talalay: The premium latex mattress made for the luxurious sleeper.

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Benefits of the Idle Sleep Mattress:

The Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress has won many awards, from the best hybrid award to the longest trial and best warranty on a mattress out there! If compared to its competitors, Idle Sleep’s Hybrid Mattress comes with over 5 times more nights then its competitors to test out, is flippable, allowing the customer to double their mattress life and even 2 free pillows all for a great price of $1,420, 60% lower than its competitors!


Idle Sleep Mattress Features:

All Idle Sleep Mattresses include 2 free pillows, free shipping and returns, 18-month trial and affordable finance options!

“The Idle” Mattress:

Idle Sleep Mattress Review 2

Our Thoughts:

The Idle Mattress is a great high-quality mattress that trumps all competitors on price, quality and best of all its lifetime warranty! We found the mattress to be the perfect firmness for a medium firmness mattress, it’s easy to open packaging is more than ideal!

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When sleeping on the Idle Mattress I can truly say it was luxurious and I have had the best nights rest since switching! The Idle mattress provides you with firm support while still letting you cozy up and relax. Overall, The Idle Sleep Mattress is a well-made mattress that I would recommend to friends and family. If you are interested in trying out the Idle Sleep Mattress for yourself risk-free (with their free returns policy), then go on over to their site and pick the mattress you plan to keep for a while, just like we did!

Mattress Review

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Upgrade your mattress today and sleep tight everybody!!