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Think back to when you were a little girl and your mom (or grandma) put a plate of food in front of you that had a purple-colored veggie known as beets on it. If you’re like many of us, you frowned and tried to find a way out of eating them while your mom (or grandma) said, “You might not like them, but they are oh so good for you.”

You know what? She was right!

In fact, a couple of years ago, the Los Angeles Times published a piece entitled “Trend Alert! Why Beets Are the Hot New ‘Superfood‘” citing that beets are “in” because they are high in Vitamin C, increase blood circulation, help to decrease anemia symptoms and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. They’re even the kind of food that will help to give you a natural burst of energy throughout the day.

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While it is best to eat beets in their freshest state (maybe cooked as a side dish or pickled), if you don’t feel any better about them now than you did when you were a kid, you can disguise the oddly-bland- taste in a fruit smoothie, you can put some beet powder into a glass of fresh fruit juice or maybe even snack on some dried beet chips (they’re actually not bad with a little sea salt!).

Just why are we trying to convince you to get beets (another) try? Because aside from all of the health benefits that come from eating them, there are several ways that beets beautify your skin too.

Beets Will Slow Down Aging Signs

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Beets contain fiber that helps to detox your system, iron to produce healthy blood cells and foliates that assist with the synthesis with the DNA of your cells. Plus, beets have nitrates in them that help to produce “good bacteria” in your body while increasing blood circulation. All of these things together aid in keeping your skin healthy and glowing while also keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

One of the best ways to use beets as an anti-aging solution is to slice one beetroot into small pieces and put them into a blender. Then use a strainer to separate the pulp and the juice. Put the juice into a glass container (that has a lid). Apply the juice onto freshly-washed skin. Leave it on for 10 minutes and thoroughly rinse with cool water.

Beets Hydrate Dry Skin

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Whether you drink beet juice straight (it’s tasty if you mix it with apple or carrot juice) or you put a little of the juice into your bathwater and soak in it for 20 minutes, the high amount of water content along with the antioxidants in beets will help to keep your skin well-hydrated. Since we’re made up of mostly water, that’s definitely a good thing!

Beets Reduce the Appearance of Dark Circles

Did you have a rough night that led to waking up with dark circles underneath your eyes? Something else that beets can do is soothe the skin under your eyes to make your circles less apparent.

Simply mix some beet juice with a little milk and honey, apply the solution where the dark circles are, leave it on for 15 minutes and wash your face.

Beets Can Remove Acne and Even Out Your Skin Tone

No one wants to see a pimple on their face. Unfortunately, they seem to like to pop up at some of the most inconvenient times. Luckily, the carotenoids, folate, fiber, iron, manganese and potassium in beets are the kind of power combo that can shorten the lifespan of breakouts, even out your skin if you have scars from previous pimples and—best of all—prevent zits from forming in the first place.

In order to reduce breakouts in the first place, it’s best to take some beetroot extract in capsule form. If you have a zit that you want to heal with as minimal scarring as possible, apply a mixture of fresh beetroot paste, raw honey and a couple of drops of tea tree oil. The inflammation should be gone in less than a couple of days!

Beets Make an Awesome Lip Stain

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Are you someone who tries to avoid the chemicals that are found in many popular cosmetics brands, but at the same time, you love wearing a dark lip? This is just one more reason to love beets!

All you need is a little (melted) petroleum jelly and some beetroot extract. Mix the two ingredients together and, in less than five minutes, you’ll have a pair of glossy burgundy-colored lips.

Beets Can Give You Gorgeous Hair Too

Technically, your skin and hair are two different things, but beets can benefit your tresses in so many ways that we had to mention them.

Did you know that one of the causes of premature greying is a copper deficiency? One way to keep grey hair from forming is to eat more beets (or to take a beetroot supplement) because they contain a good amount of copper.

Beets also have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, along with Vitamin B6, that can help to heal alopecia and, in some cases, restore hair loss.

Also, if you have naturally red hair and you want to intensify it or you’d like a few red highlights, beets can make that happen too. Although, it should go on record that it produces temporary results.

Now do you see why beets can be one of the best things to add to your diet? Sure, they may not be your favorite slice of pizza, but the benefits that they offer—both inside and out—make them totally worth it!