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How adorable is this custom-made paracord dog collar? It’s handmade and sized perfectly to your pet’s neck size. We love that this tutorial is super simple and doesn’t require any sewing or stitching. All you have to do is pick out your favorite color and attach a few buckles to snap together.

Easy Paracord Dog Collar for All Your Pets

Paracord is a high-strength nylon that is weather and mildew resistant. Plus, it’s extremely durable (made to handle up to 550 pounds of weight), so you won’t have to worry about fido ripping it to shreds. And although it’s meant for dogs, you can braid this collar for any of your pets. Cats, rabbits, lizards – all four-legged friends can rock this cool paracord collar!

Materials for Paracord Dog Collar

paracord dog collar

Instructions to Make a Paracord Dog Collar

paracord dog collar

Before you start making your collar, you need to measure your pup’s neck for size. Take the measuring tape and measure the neck. Now, you’ll need to subtract the length of the buckle. If your dog’s neck is 14 inches and the buckle is 1.5 inches, then the collar will be 12.5 inches. And for each inch of the collar, you’ll need one foot of paracord. So, for 12.5 inches, we’ll need 12.5 feet of paracord.

If you are making a single-color collar, then you can cut the desired length. If you are making a bi-color collar, then cut half the amount in one color and half in the other. For example, 6.25 feet in one color and 6.25 feet in the other (for a 12.5 feet paracord collar).

  1. Measure out the paracord and cut it to the desired length.
  2. Take your lighter and heat up the ends of the cord to secure the threads. If you are using two colored cords, melt one end to the other by melting them with the lighter.
  3. Now we will need to add the buckle. Take the female part of the buckle and thread the center of the cord through the hole.
  4. Secure the cord to the buckle using a Larks Head Knot. After threading the center part of the cord through the hole, insert the ends through the center loop.
  5. Pass the two ends of the cord through the hole in the male part of the buckle.
  6. Measure the length of the whole collar (in this case, 14 inches) from the male part of the buckle to the female part.
  7. Tape the male buckle to the table. You should have four cords stemming from the buckle.

Braiding Instructions

paracord dog collar

  1. To start braiding the collar, make a square knot (or cobra knot). Take the left cord and place it under the center cord to make a “4” shape.
  2. Now take the right cord and make a “4” shape as well. Take the end and place it over the center cords.
  3. Pull the left and right cord ends together to make a knot.
  4. Make another square knot, but switch the first knot to the opposite side (make a “4” with the right cord and pass it under the center cords, etc.).
  5. Add the D-ring to the cord. This will be where you can attach a leash.
  6. Continue braiding square knots (alternating sides) until you reach the end of the collar.
  7. Once you reach the end, tie the knot, cut the excess cord, and secure the ends with a lighter.
  8. That’s how you make a paracord dog collar! Now you can spray the collar with bug repellent spray (here is our homemade repellent tutorial) to keep your fur baby protected throughout the day.

More Pet DIYs

Making a homemade paracord dog collar is a great way to show your pup just how much you love them. Looking for other DIY pet tutorials that you can do from home? How about some delicious homemade dog treats or a DIY plushy toy? Although they can’t say thank you, we know they’ll appreciate all the love and effort you put in to make them happy!