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Fresh and nutritious food, delicious taste, and ready to eat in minutes; these things can’t possibly co-exist. Or can they? Introduce Freshly, a weekly subscription meal service to help alleviate the time needed to shop, prepare and cook your meals. Different from your standard frozen meals, Freshly meals are produced and cooked by actual chefs, which means higher quality, nutritious food without the prep, money or wait time.

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We decided to give Freshly a try and see if it’s worth it for the busy parents out there. This is what we found:

What it offers:

Freshly is a meal delivery service in which you sign up for a weekly plan of various meals/dinners (4/6/9/12 meals). These plans start at $8.99 per meal, with each including enough for one healthy portion. Freshly works to accommodate for dietary preferences and low calorie diets, with an assortment of vegetarian and dairy-free/paleo-friendly options being offered.

Some of the delicious meals we indulged in were:

  • Chicken Teriyaki (430 calories, 26g protein, 14g fat)
  • Turkey & Mushroom Meatballs (430 calories, 31g protein, 23g fat)
  • Slow-Cooked Beef Chili (340 calories, 28g protein, 11g fat)
  • Sicilian-Style Chicken Parm (410 calories, 43g protein, 20g fat)
  • Backyard BBQ Chicken (340 calories, 40g protein, 10g fat)

Freshly also offers vegetarian options, as mentioned before. A few dishes you can find in the rotation of meals are:

How “Fresh” are the meals?

Freshly’s meals are produced and packed with no added preservatives, giving your meals a shelf-life of 4-5 days when refrigerated. Each meal is labeled with a ‘use-by’ date that informs you when the meal is no longer at its freshest point. Meals can always be frozen if you suspect that you will be unable to eat your meals before the ‘use-by’ date.

Being nutritious, healthy and excluding any preservatives, Freshly and its product definitely lives up to the name. Freshly is a great option for healthy food, and for those of you looking for nutrition supplements and healthy snacks to go with your primary meals, check out Sakara. Sakara offers a number of “pantry-safe” foods and nutrition supplements that go hand in hand with Freshly.

How long is the subscription?

Freshly is set up as a weekly recurring subscription, in which users will select their meals and set a preferred date and time for delivery. Users have the ability to pause their subscription at anytime, whether it’s to account for a vacation in which you’ll be away, or if you just need to take a week off.

Is Freshly costly?

As was noted before, weekly meal plans include either 4, 6, 9 or 12 meals. This allows for some flexibility in spending if you’re planning for yourself, or for a family. Each meal ranges from $8.99 – $12.50, and with no shipping costs included, this can be pretty competitive to any take-out or delivery food. The plans breakdown as follows:

Is Freshly worth it?

Depending on what your weekly food needs are, Freshly can be a great solution for you and/or your families weekly meal plan.

We see Freshly as a great service for families who want to eat at home with limited time, busy high school/college students or offices who want to supply their employees with fresh meals for lunch.

With Freshly’s assortment of food accommodations and smaller portions, Freshly’s service is also a great option for those looking to eat a little healthier compared to their normal regimen.

Interested? Get started here with your first delivery and experience what Freshly has to offer.

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