Revolutionizing Pet Care: The Smart Litter Box Monitor System

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Having a smart litter box is a game changer if you have cats. With the Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitor System, there are so many modern revelations to learn about your feline friend. From weight gain to frequent bathroom trips, how your cat uses the litter box can say a lot about their health. If you want to keep a closer eye on your kitty’s bathroom habits and health issues, then this is the product for you!

What Is a Smart Litter Box Monitor System?


Petivity’s Smart Litter Box Monitor System can tell a lot of your cat’s habits. It tracks weight, number of visits, visit duration, time of day, and waste type. Knowing these different data points allows Petivity to learn your cat’s (or cats’) habits in the bathroom. Therefore, it can determine any changes in weight or litter box behavior that could signal a serious issue.

You can track your cat’s weight and behavior data via the Petivity App, which is synced to the monitor. In addition to daily app data, you’ll also get reports sent straight to your email.

What Things Can It Identify?

There are lots of health problems that Petivity can help with. It looks out for changes that may signal your cat has a UTI, kidney disease, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism. On top of that, it can also track your cat’s weight, so you don’t need to struggle with scales at home. This is super helpful to see if your cat is becoming obese or losing weight at a rapid pace.

Keep in mind that the litter box does not diagnose any of these issues. Instead, it sends an alert to your phone so you can consult your veterinarian for advice.

It also keeps tabs on how often the box is scooped and can alert you when it’s time to be cleaned. After all, you never know if box maintenance could be contributing to an issue with your cat’s litter box usage!

Is It a Type of Litter Box?

Smart Litter Box
Petivity App

No, the Smart Litter Box Monitor System is not a separate litter box. It’s actually a smart monitor! As such, this intelligent device sits underneath the litter box you already have at home. If you have multiple litter boxes around the house, then its recommended to get a monitor for each one.

The device is created to work with a variety of litter box types. However, it is not compatible with triangular boxes, self-cleaning boxes, or boxes larger than 16” x 21”.

Who’s Behind Petivity?

Petivity’s Smart Litter Box Monitor System was developed by a team of vets, behaviorists, and data scientists at Purina. Taking the knowledge from one of the world’s leading pet health companies, it uses AI to unlock new insights about your kitty.

The Smart Litter Box Uses AI? How?

Yes! AI is an incredibly innovative tool that takes this smart litter box to the next level. That’s because it can differentiate between the different cats in your household – without any special chips or collars. During the first few weeks, you’ll be able to train the device to learn the different behaviors of each of your cats. From then on, it’ll be able to give you deep insights into the bathroom habits of each of your precious four-legged friends!

Additionally, the AI detects important changes in your cat’s behavior or weight. If it notices anything of importance, you’ll get an alert via the app. This way, you can be proactive in getting the help your cat needs, which is something every owner needs!

Take Care of Your Pet’s Health

Pets are part of our families, which is why you can never have too much information about their health. And with a smart litter box, you can stay ahead of the game when it comes to your kitty. Looking for other ways to spoil your furry friend? We have a list of some other cool gadgets and gifts that we know they’ll love. But if you’re into handmade accessories, then you can also DIY a toy or collar for them too

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